5,5 Dimethyl Hydantoin

We stand as key manufacturers and suppliers of 5,5-Dimethyl Hydantoin, a compound integral to diverse industrial applications. Our 5,5-Dimethyl Hydantoin is meticulously processed using high-grade raw materials under the expertise of our professionals. Renowned for its exceptional purity and genuine quality, this chemical plays a crucial role in water treatment processes and finds application in personal care products for its antimicrobial properties.

Uses of 5,5 Dimethyl Hydantoin

  • Used as a disinfectant and biocide in water treatment applications.
  • Found in some cosmetic and personal care products for its antimicrobial properties.
  • Used as a building block in the synthesis of various chemicals.
Chemical Name


Cas No


Structural Formula


Molecular Weight

128.13 g/mol

decomposition temperature

150-160°C (302-320°F)

Physical Form

White crystalline powder


neutral or having a slight chemical odor.

Moisture Content

0.2% Max


It is sparingly soluble in water and soluble in organic solvents.

Melting Point

178-182°C (352-359°F)


5/10/20/25/30/50 kg in Polythene liner in corrugated box.


stable at room temperature and moderate temperatures

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